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Yellow Dextrin
DS-YD2000 is  an environmentally friendly adhesive made of 100% corn starch.

Basic Properties
Cream or yellow powder
- Easily soluble in cold water


- Adhesive for paper tubes
- Adhesive for envelopes, postage stamps
- Binder for agrochemical
- Adhesive for bookbinding, wallpaper, corrugated boxes Additive or binder for inks, dyes, paper cones, distemper, carbon paper, foundries


Moisture                                          < 13.5%

Cold water Soluble                           > 95%0

Ash                                                  < 0.5%0

Viscosity(@35%, 20℃)          > 2000 mPa.s


- Using only corn starch : made of 100% corn starch
- Easily soluble in cold water as well as warm water
- Good adhesion properties : Very good adhesion properties about paper in particular
- Easy cleaning : Easily removable in comparison with petroleum-based adhesives.
- Safety • Environmently Friendly properties : nonemitting volatile organic compounds, safe for human