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MTB Starch
As a product that has been produced through lowered viscosity of general corn starch, MTB starch is a product used as paper spray type adhesive and textile sizing and finishing agent.

It can increase the adhesiveness of multiple layer papers, as it is used as spray starch in the paper industry thanks to its easier swelling of starch particle compared to native starch and the low pasting temperature.

It allows higher concentration work compared to native starch, as its dry film strength is high and starch liquid viscosity is low and has excellent fluidity.

It strengthens textile solidarity with fewer scale amount and higher sizing rate, as its liquid transparency is excellent when used in textiles and it can produce well penetrable thickening agent.

Purpose of use
Paper spray adhesive, textile sizing and finishing agent, gum board adhesive

Packing & Storage

22 kg bag, 400 kg bag, 500 kg bag; 2 years of expiration period