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DS-Coat #50, #55

DS-Coat series of Daesang Corporation is a modified starch used as the binder or co-binder of coating color when coating papers, and it plays the role of an adhesive that fuses a pigment with another pigment as well as with a paper and the role of liquidity conditioner and repair enhancer.

It makes high-concentration cooking possible, as its paste viscosity is low with excellent stability.

It improves the properties of coated paper such as peaking strength, as its bond strength with pigment is high and film-forming ability is excellent.

It can partially substitute high price synthetic binder, as the viscosity increase of coating liquid is not big even the starch usage amount is creased and its repairability is high.

Its dispersion stability of coating liquid is improved and the compatibility with coating liquid additive is excellent thanks to the particular characteristics of DS-Coat.

Purpose of use
Paper making purpose sizing agent, coating binder


Packing & Storage

22 kg bag, 400 kg bag, 500 kg bag; 2 years of expiration period