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As industrial use oxidized starch with low viscosity of remaining liquid and strengthened hydrophile property, Oxistar is widely used in the paper industry and paints industry, as it has high fluidity, film printability and adhesiveness typical of starch.

It allows the rationalization of gelatinization or additive process, as its chemical, mechanical treatment is simple

It allows the same oxidized starch to be used for various purposes such as paper surface sizing and pigment coating.

It makes high-concentration cooking possible, as its paste viscosity low and maintains its properties even used for a long period of time, as it has excellent stability.

It has excellent compatibility with other materials such as synthetic resins or CMC when applying oxidized starch.

Purpose of use
Paper surface sizing, pigment coating, textile sizing and finishing agent, gum board adhesive


Packing & Storage
22 kg bag, 500 kg bag; store in dry and shaded area; 2 years of expiration period