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What is L-Glutamine?

Daesang L-Glutamine was developed using a fermentation method for the first time in Korea in 1989 and its excellent quality is being recognized throughout the world as it is being exported to various parts of the world for medical and food purposes. L-Glutamine is the best source of nutrition that is newly being classified as an essential amino acid.
Our body’s 60% of skeletal muscle and 20% of plasma amino acid are consisted of L-Glutamine. Since L-Glutamine becomes quickly consumed during the repetition of rigorous exercises or when the body is sick, the deficient must be replenished.
L-Glutamine is an important matter being used to treat gastric and duodenal ulcer as well as gastritis and as nutritional source before and after exercises, immune system enhancer, brain function enhancer and to treat caner and AIDS patients.

Production Process

Molecular Structure

Purpose of Use
L-Glutamine is widely being used for health function foods, milk and beverages with the purpose of recovering from fatigue, providing nutrition and preventing muscle damage.

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