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Daesang Corporation is producing and selling various food products starting from the traditional paste assorts such as Soonchang Red Pepper Paste and Hatsaldameun Soy Sauce to instant foods, western foods, processed meats, frozen foods, vinegars, the agricultural and marine food products such as salt-fermentations and seasonings, all centering on its flagship food brand ‘Chungjungone,’ a total food brand introduced in 1996.
Especially, its Korean hot pepper paste product is being regarded as the best Korean hot pepper paste, as it has been selected as the top product in the food brand power category by Korea Management Association (KMA) for ten consecutive years and as the world best product by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (currently known as Ministry of Knowledge Economy) in 2005.
In the category of soy sauce, Daesang Corporation has contributed to improving the cooking culture in Korea. Upon recognizing the harmfulness of acid hydrolyzed soy sauce from early on, Daesang Corporation made a bold business decision to withdraw itself from producing mixed soy sauce in which acid hydrolyzed soy sauce is contained in great quantities.
In addition, the company has been warning the public about the harmfulness of acid hydrolyzed soy sauce and encouraging the consumption of brewed soy sauce through its ‘Clean Promise of Hatsaldameun Soy Sauce’ campaign since the October of 2001 through which it changed consumers’ perception on soy sauce. On the other hand, it has gained the leadership position in the brewed soy sauce market by creating a sensation through its 100% naturally brewed soy sauce, Hatsaldameun Soy Sauce series in the brewed soy sauce market in Korea defeating Sempio soy sauce. In addition, the company has released about 30 organic processed foods by introducing its organic brand “Chungjungone O’Food” in order to increase Chungjungone brand value. Its new Blue Ocean product in the food industry “Drinking Vinegar – Hong Cho”, which was newly introduced in 2005, is leading the vinegar beverage market in Korea of 50 billion Korean Won (KRW) size by recording its annual sales of 30 billion KRW.
Especially, the company is in the process of developing a new market by introducing ‘Matsunsang’, the third generation natural ingredient seasoning, in October 3, 2007. As the seasoning made from only fresh and clean ingredients without adding any artificial additives, Matsunsang achieved its annual sales of 12 billion KRW in 2008 by garnering the attentions of the housewives that prefer health-oriented food culture, and it was regarded as the signal of Daesang Corporation’s realization of its vision of the ‘Company that Creates a Happy Future through the Healthy Food Culture.’